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Summer is the season when throughout the whole Kingdom, palm trees are laden with red and yellow panicles. There are over 300 varieties of date types fruit; Rayana Dates selects the finest class of dates and supplies them, both as processed and natural fruit. We grow, nurture and cultivate date fruit from the first harvest to the season’s last. You will get all kinds of benefits from dates fruit online shop. We know what you need to have on your table.
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Sukari Rutab/Mufatal

These are cultivated in Qaseem region and are known for their mesmerizing brown color, flaky texture and exotic sweetness

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These black dates are cultivated in Madinah. They are deliciously sweet, plump and loaded with vitamins.

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These crisp dates are cultivated in Riyadh and famous for their dual shade and texture. They are usually brown and soft.

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Ajwa is the king of dates. It is cultivated in Madinah and has a dry but smooth texture. It delightfully melts in the mouth and is pleasantly sweet.

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Majdool are large-sized dates with a strong honeyed flavor. They are cultivated in Qaseem and usually available all year round.

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These are cultivated in Madinah and have a soft, dry texture. They are chewy in quality and possess a heavenly sweetness that lingers on

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Khudri is cultivated in Riyadh. It is dark brown in color and available in large and medium sizes. It is dry and wrinkled, and known for its distinct sweetness.

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Sifri is an exotic variety of dates found in Bisha. It is golden brown in color, smooth in texture and terrifically chewy. It has a strong sweet taste which only adds to the craving. Contact us if you want to take it dates fruit online shop.

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These dates are distinguished for their big shape and fleshiness. They are cultivated in Madinah and are soft and sated. They are enriched with proteins and possess a vividly sweet flavor.

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